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    Encore Swim Team Information

    Encore Swim Team is a Summer competitive race team in South San Jose. Swimmers from the ages of 5 to 18 participate in swim practices & swim meets from May through July each year. Although we are a competitive team, we are known for our fun, family & enthusiastic environment!

    Registration Costs - There are no partial payments or refunds.

    Online registration must be completed and ALL registration checks and deposit checks must be turned in before a swimmer can participate in the practices and meets.

    Encore Board - In addition to their responsibilities on the Board, Board members will act as Meet Directors, organize the Practice Meet, act as Swim Team Liaison with Santa Teresa High School, and represent the team at the Valley Aquatic League meetings.

    Swim Team File Box - There is a Swim Team File Box, which is available at swim practices everyday after the first week. Each family will have a folder. This is where you will receive important information such as newsletters, notices, ribbons, etc. Please check your file regularly.

    Team Swim Suits - Every swimmer must have a team suit to wear for swim meets. They are available for purchase online in our team store, or when you register.

    Swim Caps - Girls and boys with long hair must wear swim caps during practice. All swimmers must wear swim caps for Swim Meets.


    Practices are 4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

    We will NOT have practices on the following days:

    Thursday, May 23 & Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day Weekend

    Wednesday & Thursday, July 3 & 4 - Independence Day

    Swimmers will swim with their age group at practice unless prior arrangements are made with their coach. If your child is in another sport, please notify the coach when he/she will attend practice.

    Please be prompt when picking your child up at practices. It is not fair for the coach to have to wait for a child to be picked up.

    We are guests at the Encore Pool. We need to abide by the pool rules and be respectful of the property and the neighbors in the community.


    The swim meets are broken into two shifts with the shift change beginning after event 44. Families will sign-up to serve on a Committee for the entire swim team season. The Committee Chairperson will coordinate the workers needed for each meet and make sure that positions are filled. Signing up by family will allow either family member to fulfill their obligation at a meet.

    All volunteers will be working shifts at Champs.

    Swim Events and Ribbons – We provide 2 ribbon writers per shift at away meets. Home meets require computer data entry, ribbon writers and runners.

    1 Committee Chair – Data Entry

    1 Committee Chair – Ribbons

    4 Data Entry for Swim Events

    4 Ribbon Writers/Runners

    Snack Bar – We provide the snack bar at our 2 home meets. All snack bar helpers will work one 1st shift and one 2nd shift and help with shopping for and the preparation of the snack bar at meets. 1st shift workers report at 6:00am to help with setup for the snack bar & 2nd shift workers stay for clean up and break down after the meet is over. Snack bar helpers will help in other roles as needed at Champs.

    1 Committee Chair

    1 Committee Co-Chair

    10 Shift Workers

    Timers - Timers use stopwatches to record swimmers times for each event (Need to attend training for the wireless timing system)

    1 Committee Chair

    18 Timers

    Stroke and Turn Judges – Must attend the league’s Stroke and Turn Clinic to be certified.

    1 Committee Chair

    6 Judges

    Clerk of the Course – Organize the swimmers in the right seats based on heats & lane assignments.

    1 Committee Chair

    6 Shift Workers

    Equipment Management/Set-up/Break-down – Maintain team equipment (stop watches, starter system, etc.), set-up equipment (canopies, tables, chairs, ropes, blocks, etc) for home meets, time trials & Champs on Saturday mornings and break down equipment after meet. Set-up begins at 5:45am & breakdown after the home meet is completed. Must be available to help with both setup & breakdown.

    1 Committee Chair

    3 Workers

    Announcer – Announces events and heats at home meets, time trials & one shift at Champs.

    Starter – Runs the home meets. Starts the races by calling to swimmers, “Swimmers step up to the block” Then asking if the timers are ready, then starts the race with “Swimmers take your mark.“ When all the swimmers are ready and motionless, the starter pushes the timing system button to flash and beep the start. The starter needs to keep the meet running, insuring he or she is in sync with the announcer on the correct event number and heat.

    Social and Fundraising - Organize awards banquet and other swim team social get-togethers and fundraising.

    1 Committee Chair

    1 Committee Co-Chair

    Team Photographer – Attends all meets and takes pictures of swimmers to be posted on the Encore Swim Team Facebook page, web site, and used in Team marketing materials.

    Newsletter Editor – Creates and distributes Swim Team Newsletter

    1 Editor


    If you are unable to volunteer with the team during the meets & Champs, we offer a buyout option. A family may opt to buyout and allow the swim team to cash the buyout deposit check. The swim team uses these funds to hire workers to fill positions needed in the various committees for the meet to run successfully. Please check with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss this option.  

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